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Focusing on Smartphones

It’s official – we’re addicted to our mobile devices. Smart phones, tablets and handheld devices guarantee our access to our friends, family and work wherever we are. Nevertheless because these devices have little screens, many people tend to hold their iPads and iPhones a lot closer than they hold newspapers and books. Reading off handheld devices can actually lead to a whole set of challenges for your vision.

Because we all hold smart phones so close, our eyes end up working hard, just to focus on text and images. Not surprisingly, this might create problems, especially for people who already have vision correction such as glasses or contact lenses. Any eye care professional will tell you that when glasses-wearing individuals have a lot of small screen time, the eyes have difficulty correcting for distance. Your eyes strain, and you end up with headaches or migraines, which aren’t pleasant.

But that’s not all. Holding your device too close can make you blink less, and this can lead to dry eyes and make it harder to see clearly.

What can we do keep our eyes strong, while still using our phones? In order to lessen these symptoms resulting from the use of our phones, it is recommended to make the text on your device as big as possible and try to keep your phone as far from your eyes as you can. Also, try not to use your phone for too much time at once! If it’s been a while, allow your eyes to have a little time away from the screen. And after that, if you still experience headaches, you might need glasses specifically made to help you focus up close. Being smart about your smartphone will only protect your eyes.